Medicare Supplement Plan F

When it comes to choosing many of the Medigap Plans that are available in your state, one needs to ask themselves which type of coverage best meets their needs, and will the plan that offers that coverage fit into their monthly budget. For anyone not wanting to have to deal with co-pays or deductibles when it comes to their medical expenses, a Medicare Supplement Plan F is likely going to be their best option.

Medigap Insurance is offered by several different private insurance carriers and standardized by Medicare. Because of its popularity, most of these companies offer a Medicare Supplement Plan F in many states, however they are not required to offer every Medicare Supplement plan. Considering that all Medigap Plans are standardized, they all must offer the exact same coverage with a Plan F. Therefore a Medigap Plan F from Blue Cross/Blue Shield is identical to a Plan F that is sold by United of Omaha.

Plan F Covers 100% of the Gaps in Medicare

With a Medicare Supplement Plan F, there are the most benefits offered over any of the supplemental insurance for Medicare.
• No Co-pays
• No Deductibles
• No Coinsurance
• No Network*

As with all of the Medigap Plans, there is no network. You may visit any doctor, specialist or hospital in the country that accepts Medicare and use your Medicare Supplement Plan F, regardless of which company you obtain your coverage from.
Deciding on which Medigap plan to choose involves a few basic factors, including:
• How often you visit your doctor
• Your overall health
• If you can afford the monthly premium
• Whether you want to have additional out-of-pocket expenses in trade for a lower monthly premium
Because Medicare Supplement Plan F offers the most comprehensive coverage from all the plans, it also has the highest premiums. For those who want all of the gaps in Medicare paid and never want to receive a medical bill, Plan F is a great choice. It is wise however, to check premiums and coverage from other plans such as a Medigap Plan G and Medicare Supplement Plan N. These plans typically have a lower premium and outstanding coverage after you pay a small annual deductible (Part B) and possibly some co-pays.
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Prices of Medicare Supplement Plan F

Although insurance companies have the same coverage within the plan letter of Medicare Supplement Plan F, the monthly premiums vary widely from each company. You could in fact see differences of up to 60% or more depending on which company you choose. That is why it is crucial to use the form at the top of this page and compare rates from the top Medicare Supplement companies.
 is provided solely for informational purposes and estimations of policy rates regarding Medigap Insurance, and is not connected in any way with  the Federal Medicare Program, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, The Social Security Administration or any government organization.